Withholding Tax Reclaim

Protecting our clients’ dividends and interests from over-taxation while keeping them uninvolved during the operational processes has been at the core of our activities. We offer comprehensive tax coverage with the guarantee that our clients’ focus on their investment activities remains.

Our withholding tax refund solutions :

Double Tax Treaties

Refund procedure based on the double taxation agreement between two countries.

Domestic laws

Reclaim procedure based on local laws to avoid tax discrimination.

EU Law Procedure

Refund procedure based on European laws and legal precedents, referred to as “the Aberdeen case”.

Operating process made simple


Identification of recovery opportunities : We perform a free tax health check of your portfolio giving you a full visibility on all the reclaim possibilities.


Onboarding : Our simplified onboarding process requires only one agreement to be signed


Claim documentation and processing : We work autonomously with custodians to collect, fill and submit our clients' claims in-house.


Follow-up with tax authorities : We manage all the request from the tax authorities upon positive decision


Refunds : We take care of the reconciliation and our clients receive the refunds

Throughout the operating process, our clients have access to a personalized environment within our AI-powered platform to track the progress of their claims, as well as a dedicated team to get advices and periodic reports.

A business relationship with Globe Refund is free from any cost risk. We are remunerated with a fraction of the refunds upon delivery only.

Tax reclaim assistance on-demand

As an extent to our WHT reclaim activities, we offer tax reclaim assistance on-demand to help you navigate requests from your third parties, including your depositary banks’.

Reporting & Monitoring

We provide a fully monitored service with a dedicated team to generate tailor-made reports and advise you on a case-by-case basis, along with a personalized access to our AI-powered platform.

Features of the platform

  • Automation of the analysis and reclaim process
  • Auto screening of documentation and automatic checks to detect errors.
  • Alerts sent when documentation is incorrect or missing.
  • Automated filing of tax forms on the Tax Authorities’ platform when applicable.
  • Live updates on tax reclaim status
  • 24/7 Reports generation